SUNPOWER, the worlds #1 solar company!

Benjamin Franklin once said “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

This could not be more true than when it comes to investing in solar for your home or business. GreenTech Solar’s pricing is competitive with other solar providers in the marketplace, however where we deliver and our competition cannot, is in providing our clients with the highest quality, most powerful, most durable, longest lasting, and best return on their solar investment.

Additionally, because we provide the most powerful panels in the world no other company can provide as much ‘Power Per Square Foot’ as we can, this means if you have limited space only GreenTech Solar and SunPower can truly maximise your power production. SunPower panels are also built to withstand hot-humid hurricane prone climates like the Caribbean, most other panels are not.

SunPower panels are quite simply better in every major category than its competitors.

Check out these videos for more details:

SunPower Performance Video

SunPower Reliability Video

SunPower Durability Video

SunPower X-Series World Record Solar Panels

Don’t Be Fooled:

Some companies will try to entice you with super quick paybacks using cheap quality (typically Chinese) solar panels with poor performance (typically 15% efficiency or less) and meaningless warranties.

When you make an investment (in solar or otherwise) there are far more important criteria, such as risk and return on your investment, to be considered. The return on your solar investment comes from the actual energy produced by your solar system as measured by your home’s generation meter. SunPower’s Maxeon technology delivers more energy over time than conventional solar panels; this enables you as the customer to maximise the return on your solar investment. SunPower also provides the world’s only 25 Year ‘Power & Product’ warranty; should anything happen to your panel(s) within 25 years we replace it for free and if the system does not produce the power that was promised, we will pay you the difference. Our Sunpower systems also come with an easy to use web-based monitoring software for all your computers and smart devices.

SunPower has been around for more than 25 years, have factory trained installers and is a US$6 Billion dollar company; they will be around to service their 25 year warranties if its ever needed.

Here are examples of why QUALITY in your solar panels really matter!

Low quality, Chinese solar panels causing fires

Cheap Solar panels made in China are failing

Chinese solar panels use substandard materials