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The Caribbean’s Premier Renewable Energy Provider

The Caribbean’s
Premier Renewable
Energy Provider

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Founded in 2008 GreenTech Solar is the oldest renewable energy company in the Cayman Islands and one of the first renewable energy providers in the Caribbean.  A multi-award winning renewable energy design-build firm we are focused on providing the most innovative clean energy solutions in the Caribbean region.


Our mission is to lead economic and environmental sustainability in the Cayman Islands and the region through clean energy transition; with unrelenting passion, quality and a commitment to clients and community.


GreenTech Solar provides the highest quality, most advanced technologies available today; from the world’s most efficient solar panels to advanced energy storage solutions, all installed by our certified professionals.

How do I Benefit?


  • You benefit from renewable energy in several key ways – Saving money, increasing your home value and energy independence all while saving the environment.


  • Think of buying solar as an Investment – solar makes you money by producing a guaranteed savings for 25 years on your electricity bills; which provides you 0% savings without solar. Its also an investment in our collective environmental future, one with less fossil fuels and toxic emissions.


  • The financial returns from investing in a SunPower solar system ranges from 10-15% annually; with a 250-300% total ROI – over 25 years. Guaranteed!


  • This equates to an average $400-450 a month saving for a 10kW SunPower system or $200-225 a month for a 5kW SunPower system.


  • Your CORE contract with CUC is guaranteed for a 25-year period. Our SunPower solar panels are guaranteed for 25 years – both product and performance for 25 years.


  • Our 25yr SunPower panels + the 25yr CUC CORE agreement = A zero risk investment with guaranteed returns!


  • When a SunPower solar system is paired with battery storage you can have power during short and long term periods when the grid is down.

Why GreenTech?


  • GreenTech Solar is the only solar company in the Cayman Islands who has their own factory trained and certified in-house design and installation team, thus always ensuring quality control of our work. NOTE: All our local competitors subcontract out their design and installation work.


  • GreenTech Solar is the only Caribbean based renewable energy firm to have won multiple local and international awards for our work.


  • GreenTech Solar’s team is comprised of a variety of key skill sets from Master Electricians to Engineers to factory trained installers.


  • GreenTech Solar are the market leaders in Cayman in both experience and expertise, we have installed the largest and most complex renewable energy systems in the country.


  • By using industry best technology installed by factory trained experts, GreenTech Solar executes projects to the highest quality and are always able to stand behind our work.


  • GreenTech Solar only sells Tier-1 quality solar products; many of our competitors often sell cheaper and lower quality Tier-3 quality solar products that won’t last long term in our hot, humid, salty climate.


  • GreenTech Solar are the industry pioneers and leaders in the region – having been providing renewable energy systems for over a decade across multiple islands.


  • As the exclusive dealer for the products we sell, from SunPower to Tesla and many more; GreenTech Solar has exclusive access to the best renewable energy technologies available.


  • SunPower is the only solar panel that has a “Full Replacement” 25 year Product (and performance) warranty – which makes it the only truly usable warranty available in the Caribbean. Don’t be fooled by long ‘performance’ warranties; in a hot, humid, salty environment it is the ‘Product’ warranty that really matters. NOTE: Despite the claims our competitors solar product warranties are economically useless in the Cayman Islands; this is because they are ‘NON Full Replacement’ warranties. Also, they typically offer solar products by LG, Panasonic, Amerisolar and others whose warranty is often void outside the United States and/or void for corrosion (salt/rust); which is the single biggest concern for solar panels being installed in our hot, humid, salty Caribbean environment.


  • SunPower is also not void for storm damage; many solar panels such as LG and Panasonic are void for storm damage (Hurricanes/Typhoons) further making them undesirable for use in the Caribbean region.


  • GreenTech Solar always calculates our system performance as accurately as possible and we include panel degradation, roof orientation, pitch, etc. in our stated numbers. NOTE: be wary of companies who inflate their ROI and performance numbers by not including key things such as panel degradation, pitch and orientation of your specific roof, etc. many clients are misled into thinking the cheap system is going to perform as good as a high quality Tier-1 system. We are always willing to calculate the real #’s for our clients between different solar panel systems when requested.

Positive Environmental Impact.

  • GreenTech takes environmental impacts seriously; our SunPower solar panels are the worlds only ‘Cradle to Cradle’ solar panels meaning they are fully recyclable. Our Tesla Battery systems have a ‘Closed Loop’ program where they can also be recycled at end of life. Full life cycle considerations are important in being truly eco-friendly and GreenTech Solar’s products are leaders in this regard.


  • Producing less fossil Fuels: With our SunPower 10kW system you will save over 800 barrels of oil being produced over the life of your CORE contract!


  • Carbon Emissions Reduction: A 10KW SunPower solar system will reduce your carbon footprint by approximately 15 tons per year or 375 tons over the life of your CORE contract!


  • GreenTech Solar’s SOURCE hydropanel solar systems avoid the use of over 75,000 plastic water bottles over its life span.