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The Caribbean’s Premier Renewable Energy Provider

The Caribbean’s
Premier Renewable
Energy Provider

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Founded in 2008 and based in Grand Cayman, GreenTech Solar is a multi-award winning renewable energy design-build company focused on providing the most innovative solutions for the Caribbean market.

Our mission is to lead economic and environmental sustainability in the Cayman Islands and the region through clean energy transition; with unrelenting passion, quality and a commitment to clients and community.

GreenTech Solar provides the highest quality, most advanced technologies available today; from the world’s most efficient solar panels to advanced energy storage solutions, all installed by our certified professionals.

How do I Benefit?

  • The key area to think about when buying solar is that it is an Investment – it makes you money by producing a guaranteed saving.
  • The Investment return ranges from 10-13% – over 25 years. Yes 25 years.
  • This equates to an average $400-450 a month saving for a 10kW system or $200-225 a month for a 5kW system.
  • Your CORE contract you will sign with CUC is for a 25-year period. The panels are guaranteed – both product and performance for 25 years.
  • When paired with battery storage you can have power during both shorter and longer-term periods when the grid may be down.
  • The value of your home/apartment will increase in value.

Why GreenTech?

  • GreenTech are the only outfit on island who have their own in-house design AND install team. They therefore have both the depth and breadth to execute with quality.
  • GreenTech are industry pioneers and leaders in the region – meaning they are always ahead of the game.
  • GreenTech has sole access to the best technology – no questions. Their partners are leaders in the field bringing the best value to the market.
  • SunPower is the only warranty that properly works in both Cayman & the Caribbean – it has a 25 year product and performance warranty – which covers countries outside the US, includes rust and is Miami Dade hurricane rated.

How will I positively impact my environment?

  • With a 10kW system you will save over 800 barrels of oil being produced over your CORE contract.
  • You will reduce your carbon footprint by approximately 15 tons per year or 375 tons over the length of a CORE contract.