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The Caribbean’s Premier Renewable Energy Provider

The Caribbean’s
Premier Renewable
Energy Provider

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Efficient and reliable XZERES Small Wind Turbines are designed to perform quietly even in the most demanding locations. With multiple standard configurations, XZERES wind energy systems are perfect for a variety of applications including on or off-grid living, farms, ranches and island electrification. The XZERES 442SR wind turbine (10kW) andr Skystream 3.7 are capable of meeting global power energy needs where a wind resource is available. XZERES Small Wind Turbines are an ideal source of renewable energy for residential power, business, agriculture, municipal and telecom deployments.



The BarberWind Turbines 800kW is designed to serve the Distributed Wind/mid-wind market. It is the only large wind turbine engineered to stand alone economically. It perfectly fits the needs of the industrial parks and data center, small communities, farms and ranches, water treatment plants, ethanol plants, island nations, amusement parks, sports arenas, and other commercial complexes that require a greener, more cost-effective means of supplying electricity.