"I’d put my money on the Sun and Solar Energy."

Thomas Edison

GreenTech Solar is the premier provider of renewable energy in the Cayman Islands and the SunPower dealer for the Caribbean.

We are the Cayman Islands only authorised solar dealer and the only company able to offer the worlds most powerful, most efficient and best warranteed solar panels.

We design, install,  finance and maintain renewable energy systems including battery storage, off-grid, micro-grid and utility scale.

Contact us today to learn why investing in solar energy  is a near zero risk - high return investment.




"CUC sends me a cheque every three months when due and I have no monthly energy bill, in fact I receive about $1,000 per year in cash. It always gives me satisfaction that whatever happens to the price of electricity, I am pretty well unaffected."

P. Davey - GreenTech Solar & SunPower Client

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