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The Caribbean’s Premier Renewable Energy Provider

The Caribbean’s
Premier Renewable
Energy Provider

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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Won’t the panels come off during a hurricane?

A: They could – it really depends on the quality of the solar panel chosen coupled with the quality of the installation. SunPower panels are built to last 50+ years, engineered for a hot, humid, salty environment and have the highest wind ratings in the industry. Every SunPower system we install goes through a full structural design by a 3rd party engineering firm to ensure it will meet hurricane wind loads once installed. Bottom line is….SunPower panels installed by our experts at GreenTech Solar will withstand hurricane events.


  1. Is it a good investment?

A: Its one of the best investments you can make today, period. SunPower panels will provide you with a ZERO RISK investment (through its one of a kind 25 year full replacement warranty). Our panels will also provide double digit (10-15%) annual returns (via the world’s highest efficiency cells), produce more power longer than any other solar panel in the world (via the world’s lowest degradation rate) and reduce or completely eliminate your electricity bills; all while helping to protect our environment.


  1. How much solar am I allowed to install?

A: Under the CUC CORE program you are currently allowed to put 10kW (approx. 32-34 panels) on your roof (per meter). You get paid 26c per kWH for 5-10kW systems and you get 30c per kWH for systems of 5kW or less. Under the Demand Rates program you are allowed to install 250KW’s (per meter).


  1. Who do we actually contract with?

A: You will sign a CORE contract directly with CUC who will buy all your solar power produced for 25 years guaranteed. Your 25 years warranty for the solar panels will be directly with SunPower; a 30+ year old multi-billion dollar industry leading company. GreenTech Solar will be your renewable energy contractor who designs and installs the systems with full warranty compliance assured as the authorized dealer/installer.


  1. How do warranties differ?

A: They differ significantly and in vital areas to pay extremely close attention to – especially for people living in the Caribbean. SunPower is the ONLY panel that has a true 25 year “Full Replacement” product and performance warranty. Unlike panels such as LG, Panasonic, Amerisolar and many others, it is not void outside the United States or US Territories and includes no exclusions for corrosion (rust/salt). SunPower is also not void for Hurricanes (or Typhoons) as many panels such as LG and Panasonic are, thus making them useless in the Caribbean.


  1. Who are SunPower?

A: SunPower have been in the Solar industry for over 30 years and are listed on the NASDAQ (SPWR). The majority owner is energy giant TOTAL, one of the worlds largest companies. SunPower produces the most efficient and powerful solar panels on the planet and consistently occupies the #1 spot in independent performance tests.